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Bike & Go: FREE rentals until the end of August 2014!

Bike & Go lets you hire a bike at the train station and continue your journey under your own steam. No waiting, no walking, just get on your Bike & Go!

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Bees: Govt must get tougher on pesticides, say MPs

A new report published today (Monday 28 July 2014) by a committee of MPs criticising the lack of effective Government action to protect UK bees from harmful insecticides, and the reliance on pesticide safety tests carried out by chemical firms, … Continue reading


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Is the Government doing enough to help our hard-working bees?

Bees beat their wings an incredible 230 times a second to stay airborne. Now the bees need the Government to be just as energetic if its plan to save them is to be credible. We back today’s call from the … Continue reading

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Have you got what it takes to organise a Friends of the Earth campaign?

You will have when you join the free Friends of the Earth Campaign Organising Programme. Learn the secrets, learn the skills, set up or lead a real Friends of the Earth campaign with a local group, hone your activism skills, … Continue reading


Food waste picnic at Dig the City

Perfect Weather for a Waste Food Picnic!

In conjunction with Manchester’s Dig the City 2nd – 10th August. ( @ the Manchester Friends of the Earth Dig the City Stall.  The Foodies at MFoE thought a waste food picnic would be a fantastic way to highlight and … Continue reading

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6 August

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Letter: Why don’t you know enough about fracking? (Why did Trafford Council duck the issue?)

See below for the text of a letter published in the Manchester Evening News on Friday 18th July following the Trafford Council meeting where the Conservative Group blocked the discussion of motion on fracking (the full text of the motion … Continue reading



Food. It’s on the table.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a secretive bilateral trade agreement currently being negotiated between the EU and US, is being billed as a panacea to Europe’s economic woes. However, there is very little evidence available to corroborate these lofty … Continue reading

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Blind carbon burning

The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) new research confirms that burning trees for electricity can be bad news for the climate, but will they amend their energy policy now?