Transforming our economy: Scaling up solutions

We live in a world facing many destructive and entwined crises – including growing inequality, climate change, poverty, pollution and human rights violations. Our current economic system is perpetuating and exacerbating these crises.

8th Feb 2018


Reasons for hope in the fight against global warming

All the good news about fighting climate change in one place. Despite a year of Donald Trump, there are solid grounds for optimism as global investment in clean energy soars. We’re 1 year on from Donald Trump’s inauguration. What a … Continue reading

19th Jan 2018


Bee-friendly shopper’s guide to Local Rapeseed Oil

An earth- and pollinator-friendly diet is healthy for us as well as various wild bees, honey bees and other pollinators. This is so whether we are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous and especially if it includes the best oils and fats.

10th Jan 2018


Dear Government, set up a fund for rail reopenings… (Campaign for Better Transport)

With more and more people using the railways, we want to see many of the lines and stations closed by Dr Beeching in the 1960s open once more, and new lines and stations being built to serve communities. But this … Continue reading

17th Mar 2018


Sign the petition: British homes, powered by sunshine. (10:10)

10:10 are installing solar panels on the roofs of community organisations around the UK. They’ll save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. But shouldn’t all suitable buildings have solar?



Plan for people not cars…respond to the consultation on the Major Roads Network (Campaign for Better Transport)

The Government is consulting on defining a Major Road Network (MRN), identifying the busiest A-roads in the local authority network, and then targeting extra investment at them. The current proposals limit the MRN spending to road projects over £20 million. … Continue reading

16th Mar 2018


Friends of the Earth North West Gathering

Saturday the 17th February saw several Manchester FOE members head north to Preston and the annual Friends of the Earth NW gathering. Each year the event is hosted in a different town – and with the promise of a delicious … Continue reading

3rd Mar 2018


October Waste campaign meeting

We held the October Waste campaign meeting this Wednesday during which we discussed our findings about Manchester take-away businesses and planned future actions. To recap, our campaign focuses on single-use items in local take-aways. The aim is to influence businesses … Continue reading

15th Oct 2017


#ProtectOurFutures action in Manchester

On Saturday 14 October, people across the world stood together in an international day of action to protect our futures from fossil fuel projects.

12th Oct 2017


Joint Committee Air Quality Report: Friends of the Earth reaction

Friends of the Earth submitted evidence as part of an enquiry into air quality; showing the need for the UK to adhere to World Health Organisation standards for clean air, and for a new Clean Air Act fit for the … Continue reading

15th Mar 2018


Greater Manchester Pension Fund lags behind other major cities on climate change

Climate change campaigners are claiming a partial victory in their campaign for the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) to dump its investments in climate damaging fossil fuel companies – but they say GMPF is doing too little too late.

14th Mar 2018


Consultation: taxes & charges have important role to play in tackling plastic pollution scourge

Ministers must aim to phase-out all but the safest and most essential plastics

13th Mar 2018


Manchester Friends of the Earth response to the ‘Congestion Conversation’

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham launched a ‘Congestion Conversation’ in which he would like to hear about ‘how congestion is impacting people’s lives’ and canvas ideas for reducing it. Manchester Friends of the Earth encouraged people to response to the … Continue reading

2nd Nov 2017

Roads to Nowhere logo

Stockport Local Plan and SEMMMS refresh – consultation responses

Manchester Friends of the Earth have submitted consultation responses to both the Stockport Local Plan and SEMMMS (South East Manchester Multi-Modal Strategy) Refresh consultations.

9th Oct 2017


Our response to DEFRA consultation on Improving Air Quality

On 15th June 2017, we submitted this response to the Government’s plans for tackling nitrogen oxide pollution in our towns and cities. With thanks to Client Earth for their guidance on these issues and this particular consultation.

15th Jun 2017