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Say No to fracking planning application in Lancashire !

Shale gas is being promoted as a safe, clean energy source that can help the UK in the transition to a low carbon economy and is underpinning a likely new ‘dash for gas’. But there are serious environmental and human health concerns around shale gas drilling including threats to groundwater quality, triggering earth tremors, concerns about how much water is needed and, above all, the potential impact on climate change emissions.

See Friends of the Earth briefing:  Shale gas: energy solution or fracking hell? for more details.

We have the opportunity to send objections to the planning application from Cuadrilla Resources to carry out horizontal drilling and fracking at Anna’s Road exploration site in Westby and to extend the time available to complete their testing programme at Preese Hill Farm, Weeton and Grange Road, Singleton. (8/12/1032)

Suggested objection text is given below but if you can please personalise your email or letter.

Rig Site off Marsh Rd, Banks (Photo courtesy of Ribble Estuary Against Fracking)

Suggested text:

Dear Planning Officer,

Objection to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in Lancashire.

I object to plans by Cuadrilla Resources to carry out horizontal drilling at Anna’s Road exploration site, Westby, and to the applications to extend the time to complete their testing programmes at Preese Hall Farm, Weeton and Grange Road, Singleton (application numbers 05/11/0431 and 05/12/0003) and Banks (application number 08/12/1032).

Drilling for shale gas poses serious risks to the environment and health.  Experience in the USA has linked fracking to water and air pollution, and in the UK it has already caused earth tremors.

I am concerned that exploratory drilling for shale gas will open the way for large scale exploitation of the Lancashire countryside.  There are serious concerns that shale gas extraction will cause water pollution and harm wildlife and natural habitats. It will also make it harder to reduce our carbon emissions and meet climate change targets.

Lancashire County Council must reject further fracking and instead support harnessing the vast renewable energy resources in Lancashire, including wind.  Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency will secure a clean and green energy supply for the future and provide thousands of green jobs for the county and across the UK.


Address /Postcode:



Email your objection to:  Development Control

or post to Development Control, Lancashire County Council, PO Box 78, County Hall, Preston, PR1 8XJ.

Thanks for taking this action.

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