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Green Is Working, Say MPs

Some of you may remember the famous Saatchi and Saatchi election poster designed for the Conservatives back in 1979, showing a long, snaking dole queue with the caption Labour Isn’t Working. Looking back on it, this campaign may seem controversial, but one thing we can be sure about in 2012 is that we already have one million people employed in green jobs in the UK.

The source for this figure is no less than the Confederation of British Industry, which has published a graphic showing that this is equal to the combined populations of Edinburgh, Liverpool and Brighton. It also states that ‘“green or growth” is a false choice’ and green business is ‘mainstreamed across our economy, in all regions and in all sectors’.

Backed up by these figures, and in the face of continued uncertainty as to whether the Government is serious in supporting green business, Friends of the Earth have staged a series of actions updating the 1979 slogan. Under a banner reading Green Is Working, and wearing green hard hats to represent low-carbon jobs, over 250 people took part in a protest at the Treasury asking the Government to take the green economy seriously.

Manchester FoE invited local MPs to take part in a photo call to back this campaign, and we are pleased to have the support of Wythenshawe and Sale East MP Paul Goggins (pictured, on the Clean British Energy Day of Action in October) and Manchester Withington MP John Leech.

Wythenshawe and Sale East MP Paul Goggins (left)
supports Friends of the Earth’s campaign Green Is Working

You can help us ensure the Government backs a greener economy. The Energy Bill is due to be published in November, and we need to make sure it contains a commitment to carbon-free electricity generation by 2030 so the UK can meet its targets under the Climate Change Act. Ask your MP to get the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, to commit to carbon-free electricity by 2030. See

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