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Gasland Screening

Now that fracking operations threaten to spread across large parts of the North-West, we all need to be better informed about the issues at stake. In view of this, on Wednesday 12 September Manchester Friends of the Earth invited the public to St James and Emmanuel Church Hall in Didsbury Village to watch the campaigning film Gasland, shown with the kind support of the Manchester Area Committee of the Co-operative Membership as part of Didsbury Film Club’s programme of film screenings.

The screening attracted a varied audience, including members of both Manchester and Stockport FoE and local residents. We had the chance to see how people in several American states have experienced contamination of their water supplies after fracking has started in their area, and how large parts of the USA have already been covered with wells for extracting shale gas.

After the film was over, there was a chance to ask questions about the situation here in the North-West. Helen Rimmer of national FoE gave us more information about the current state of fracking operations in Lancashire and how we can get involved in taking action against it. Helen brought along a large-scale map of the Fylde and South Ribble areas with the test drilling rigs marked out, and there was also a chance to send a letter to Lancashire County Council stating our objections to fracking being allowed to proceed.

We continued our action against fracking a fortnight later, when Manchester FoE joined local community groups REAF and RAFF at the Labour Conference to say Lancashire’s Not For Shale, with the backing of MEP Arlene McCarthy.

If you would like to take action yourself, have a look at the page we have set up on our website here which gives more information about where to send your letters of objection.

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