Ask your MEPs to clean up vehicle testing (Campaign for Better Transport)

7th April 2017

In April 2017, MEPs have a real chance to do something about air pollution from vehicles – let’s make sure they take it. 

The shocking revelations from Dieselgate made headlines when the truth about emissions on our streets was exposed. But the scandal goes further: it’s not only a few manufacturers cheating the lab tests, but a whole regulatory system that is letting down consumers and citizens alike.

Child puschair and exhaust

National vehicle regulators are too close to the car industry and have all too often failed to do their job, and failed to protect consumer confidence and public health.

We are all living with the consequences. Figures from Transport & Environment show that some 4.3 million dirty diesels are found on UK roads, causing dangerously high levels of pollution, responsible for over 52,000 premature deaths each year in the UK alone.

It’s time for action. In their early April session, MEPs have the chance to vote on the Type Approval Framework Regulation (better known as the Dalton report), which is the most important reform of the EU vehicle testing system since Dieselgate.

While we welcome moves to stronger regulation, the current plans don’t go far enough. We are calling for an independent EU agency, empowered to carry out spot checks and ensure that all vehicles on the road are up to standard.

Please join our campaign and take five minutes to ask  your MEP to vote in the interests of consumers, drivers and public health, by supporting the amendments establishing the independent EU Vehicle Surveillance Agency.

Ask your MEPs to clean up vehicle testing