Bike Friday

Dutch-style cycle lanes on Oxford Road – providing the route to a Cycling City


Love Your Bike and Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (GMCC) are inviting people to join a Bike Friday cycle ride on Friday 28th June and show their support for the  ‘Dutch-style’ cycle routes on Oxford Road. [1]

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and Manchester City Council (MCC) are currently consulting on changes to Oxford Road and Portland Street (Cross City bus corridor). Love Your Bike and Greater Manchester Cycle Campaign are calling on TfGM to take this once-in-a-generation opportunity to make key roads genuinely cycling friendly, to show what can be done in Manchester, and to create a template for a Greater Manchester wide cycle network. [2]

Love Your Bike and GMCC support the principle in the Oxford Road corridor plans to introduce ‘Dutch-style’ cycle lanes (separated from the traffic) but are calling for the Oxford Road designs to be improved at several locations.

The Cycling City Ambition Grant (Velocity) bid recognised the need to introduce Dutch-style cycle routes across Greater Manchester to encourage more people to cycle. Given this commitment, Love Your Bike and GMCC are questioning whether the current proposals for Upper Brook Street and Lloyd Street are fit for purpose.

Dr Graeme Sherriff, Manchester Friends of the Earth’s Transport campaign co-ordinator said:  “Love Your Bike urges Transport for Greater Manchester to develop the network of high-quality ‘Dutch-style’ cycle routes that will encourage more people, young and old, to cycle more often.”

Vincent Walsh, from Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign said: “We must not stop at Oxford Road. Cyclists throughout the conurbation need high quality continuous bike lanes along key routes and a 20mph limit on all residential roads.”

Bike Friday provides a range of cycle rides into the City Centre from various locations into Manchester from various starting places around Greater Manchester. Love Your Bike works with companies and local authorities in Greater Manchester to promote cycling, improve cycle facilities and to encourage more people to continue cycling to school, work and for leisure all year round. [3]

Whether you’re new to cycling, returning to your bike after a break, or cycle every day, join us on Bike Friday. We ride at a moderate pace and have experienced ride leaders. It is entirely law-abiding – we do not try to slow down the traffic. All welcome (bring a bike).






Pete Abel, Love Your Bike campaign. Mobile: 07951 642858

Vincent Walsh, Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign. Mobile: 07588 335781

Notes to Editors:

[1] People can support the Oxford Road proposals via an Email Action: Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity – Dutch Style Cycle Lanes for Greater Manchester. See

[2] The Oxford Road and Cross City Consultation runs from 23rd May till 5th July. Consultation documents available at

[3] The Bike Friday cycle rides start at 8am from Chorlton Library, Levenshulme Station, Prestwich Pizza Express, Stretford Mall and Withington Library and finish at approx 8.30am at Eastern Bloc, Stevenson Square, M1 1DN in the Northern Quarter. The Worsley, Middleton – Victoria Avenue East, Stockport Plaza, Mersey Square routes start earlier. See the website for details. The Bike Friday cycle rides take place on the morning of the last Friday of every month (except December). The rides go a moderate pace, have experienced ride leaders, are entirely law-abiding and can help people develop more confidence in their cycling abilities.

For details of the routes see: or join the Bike Friday Facebook group

[4] Bike Friday is coordinated by Love Your Bike (Manchester Friends of the Earth) and Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (GMCC)

Love Your Bike is an award winning Manchester based campaign aiming to promote cycling and help make it an even more attractive, accessible and fun way to get around. Co-ordinated by Manchester Friends of the Earth, the campaign works in partnership with other like-minded organisations. See

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign, working to make cycling quicker, safer, easier and more enjoyable.