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MFOE food campaigns meeting update July 2013

event report

Newcomer to the group Christina writes about the July food campaign meeting

This week, the MFOE Foodies met in anticipation of the next food campaign, after basking in the glory that was Feeding the 5000, which resulted in not only invigoration and fresh enthusiasm for what can be achieved, but also excitable new foot soldiers ready to offer services (that’s me by the way – hello everybody, my name’s Christina! I hope to meet you all soon!).

The meeting centred generally around the intricacies of organisation, and what would be the most effective way forward for the group to ensure full and active participation by all members, in appreciation of the fact that there is talent amongst the wider cohort of food warriors that has possibly thus far (heaven forbid, for it’s such a dirty word in these circles) gone to w.a.s.t.e.

Ideas were put forward by group members for how the time, energy and skills of the group can be most effectively and economically managed. No ‘official’ working practices have been yet established, and so those who wanted to contribute to this are more than welcome to attend next month’s meeting to provide their penny’s worth and to get the creative juices flowing for the upcoming campaign. (I’ve heard something about discos and soup so far… a MINESTRONE of sound, perhaps?! …aha! …forgive me.)

It has also been decided that one of the most effective ways of motivating and engaging volunteers, is to establish some food-centric socials that can get people together in a more informal way – to create a kind of ‘Foodie Family’ – a Foomily – if you will! With this in mind, our first ‘social’ (Name TBC) will be ‘bring and share’ event on Wednesday 7th August, in the Green Fish Centre. More details to be announced soon! I hope to see you there!

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