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Eat SMART pledge – S

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Welcome to our first post about the first letter of the Eat SMART pledge  :

S for smaller amounts of better meat, fish and dairy.

Why Eat SMART?

There are serious problems with the current way we produce and consume food. But by Eating SMART, we can reduce our impact and eat a healthier, planet-friendly diet.

But where do you start?

Have a go switching the meat out of some of your favourite dishes.  Try swapping the chicken in your mid-week stir-fry for some meaty mushrooms instead – easy and delicious!

And if you’ve got a few minutes, this quick read is really useful – it’s our top 10 ways to eat less meat.

Do you think you could inspire others to sign the Eat SMART pledge?

Why not ask a few of your friends and family to help spread the word.

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