Manchester City Council wants your suggestions for Cycle Parking Locations

Phase One of the Citywide Cycle Parking programme is due to commence implementation on site, seeing 411 cycle Sheffield stands provided at locations suggested as part of the on-line consultation process mainly focusing on the City Centre.

As part of the Phase Two of the project we are looking to install small clusters of bike stands in areas such as our parks, libraries, leisure centres and other community hubs, thereby encouraging more cycling for local journeys and for leisure.

We will be looking to install these near building entrances, sports facilities, cafes etc, where there is natural surveillance and ideally lighting and CCTV as we are aware that cycle theft is a major concern and isolated cycle parking location can be a target for crime.

If you know of specific locations, either within parks or community hubs, that would benefit from a new cluster of cycle parking stands and would be welcomed by the facility managers, please let us know.

The locations must be within Manchester to be included in this project. We are looking for locations which can be provided by March 2017.

Please send suggestions to