Help keep peat in its place

4th April 2017

Peat is hugely important for nature and for tackling climate change and floods. But for decades it has been dug up, bagged and put in our gardens.

As spring approaches and thoughts turn to gardening we need your help to find out if retailers are offering peat-free products.

We’ve teamed up with the National Trust, Plantlife and the RSPB to ask as many of you as possible to take a quick survey when you next visit a garden centre, DIY store or supermarket.

How easy is it to buy peat-free compost

The UK may not have rainforests – but like our ancient woodlands, peatlands are some of our richest natural heritage.

Take the survey

And thanks to years of public pressure the government set a target to end the use of peat in gardens by 2020 – just 3 years away.

You can keep the government to its promise by taking part in this survey. We’ll let you know the results around Easter time.

Peat is better left in place where it can:

  • Help hold back floodwaters by soaking up excessive rainfall
  • Combat climate change by storing and absorbing greenhouse gases.
  • Support wildlife

So next time you go and stock up of gardening products please have a go at the survey.

Please visit your local retailer and fill in this short survey by Monday 27 March 2017 to help us find out how easy it is to buy peat-free or peat-reduced alternatives. We’ll use the results to raise consumer awareness around the busy Easter weekend and to spur the garden trade into action.

Take the surveyThanks for being involved.

Paul,  Team Nature, Friends of the Earth