Save Druridge : Tell the government to scrap opencast coal plans

21st June 2017

A gorgeous stretch of coastline, Druridge Bay in Northumberland, faces desecration by a mining company desperate to gouge out three million tonnes of coal.

For the past three weeks Friends of the Earth and local residents have been taking part in a historic Public Inquiry to try to stop the coal mine.

Save Druridge - End Coal

Last year the mine was approved by Northumberland County Council. But thanks to the efforts of people like you, the government decided to take another look on the grounds of climate change.

Our crack team of lawyers and expert witnesses have set out the evidence for why coal must be left in the ground if we’re to avert catastrophic climate change.

They’ve been arguing that it makes no sense to keep digging up yet more coal when the government has committed to phasing out coal power stations – and with renewable energy surging.

Today the inquiry closes and the final decision will pass to the Secretary of State. He’ll make the call using the evidence put forward. But if he knows that public opinion is against coal our voices will be impossible to ignore.

Can you take a minute to tell the Secretary of State to reject the Druridge Bay mine and help avert catastrophic climate change?