Green Belt Under Siege 2017 (CPRE report)

1st August 2017

425,000 houses now planned for Green Belt, of which more than 70% are unaffordable. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has revealed a significant increase in houses planned for the Green Belt, and yet most of these houses will be unaffordable to those who need them.

Based on local and city-regional planning policies and new data from planning consultants Glenigan, CPRE’s annual Green Belt Under Siege report shows that more than 70% of houses proposed for development are not expected to be ‘affordable’. It also demonstrates that just 16% of houses built on Green Belt land since 2009 outside local plans were classed as ‘affordable’.

In total, 425,000 houses are now planned for Green Belt land. This is an increase of 54% on March 2016, and the biggest year-on-year increase in building proposed in the Green Belt for two decades. Green Belt in the North West, West Midlands and South East is under particular pressure.

CPRE’s Green Belt Under Siege 2017 report focuses on three themes:

– the amount of Green Belt land being lost to housing – demonstrated by both local plans and planning permissions granted outside local plans;

– the type of housing built in Green Belt; and

– the impact of the New Homes Bonus on Green Belt.