City of Trees: can you spare 30 minutes and help shape the future of Greater Manchester’s trees and woods?

3rd January 2018

City of Trees is looking for home-based volunteers to help with an important project called i-Tree Eco.

Trees deliver a whole range of benefits which make them an essential part of the future of our towns and cities. However in order to protect and enhance our urban forests as well as reap their rewards – we need to quantify their worth. An i-Tree Eco survey for Greater Manchester would provide a unique and ground-breaking UK-wide blueprint on how to calculate the value of our trees.

i-Tree Eco offers a way to understand the role trees play as part of our fragile ecosystem and protect them for future generations.

Part of i-Tree Eco involves completing a survey of tree cover across the whole of Greater Manchester in order to help us develop a Tree and Woodland Strategy for the next 30 years.  We are using web-based survey programme, i-Tree Canopy, to estimate tree cover and the range of tree benefits for each ward in Greater Manchester with a random sampling process.  Each survey takes approximately 30 minutes (less with practice, if you’re doing more than one ward), and can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer. If you would like to help and can spare half an hour, we will send you full instructions.

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