Michael Gove: Help us get diesel cars out of our towns and cities (Healthy Air Campaign)

7th January 2018

The UK Government is asking members of the public to send in their thoughts on how we can take diesel cars out of our towns and cities, without hurting the wallets of diesel car owners.

There are clear ways to make this happen and you can use your voice to make our Government take notice.

Tell Michael Gove to:

  • Hold the big car manufacturers accountable: Car manufacturers misled us. For too long they have been able to get away with selling people cars that pollute far more on our roads than they do in the laboratory tests. Make them put their hand in their pocket by switching us over to clean vehicles.
  • Create a targeted Diesel Scrappage Scheme funded by the UK government and the car industry: Help people on lower incomes and small business owners in the most polluted towns and cities, who bought diesel vehicles in good faith, to move to cleaner alternatives, including cleaner and zero emission vehicles, public transport season tickets and electric bicycles.

Diesel vehicles are a major source of the illegal levels of pollution in our towns and cities – pollution that can trigger heart and asthma attacks and increases the risk of people ending up in hospital or dying as a result.

Many of us, encouraged by successive UK governments, bought diesel vehicles in good faith, thinking we were doing the right thing. But we were misled by car companies and now we and our families are living with the very real health costs.

We shouldn’t be punished for following government advice nor for being misled by car companies.

This government has the chance put the UK on the road to a cleaner and healthier future. Tell Michael Gove and the Government: Do your job.

Please take two minutes and tell Michael Gove and the UK Government to do everything they can to help us get diesel cars out of our towns and cities.