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Coronavirus guidance from national Friends of the Earth

During this time, Friends of the Earth’s priority is to ensure the safety of our network and our wider society. We must take appropriate steps to look after those most vulnerable to COVID-19 – in particular older people and those with underlying health conditions.

This does not mean stopping our work – climate change won’t wait – but it does mean going about it differently and shifting as much of our work as we can online.

Useful tools

Here are a couple digital tools to make the most of during this time:

  • Zoom

If you’ve joined our webinars you’ll have experience using this conference call platform.

You can set up a free account  to run your own meetings of 40 min or less.

If you need to organise something longer, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help. 

See our handy video on how to use Zoom  and get acquainted with the tool by logging into a test meeting.  

  • Action Network

Lots of you will already be using this digital campaign platform which lets you build a mailing list and create petitions. 

Find out more about Action Network 

External events

Many other organisations and institutions are taking similar precautions, so if you have external meetings with other parties – e.g. councils or other organisations – make sure to check their own guidance and consider online alternatives.

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