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Gift ideas for the festive season

It can be tempting at Christmas to buy lots of stuff that is frankly not good for the planet. Gifts, packaging, decorations, food and drink are often poorly made, not really needed and thrown away. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

We have collected members’ ideas for festive gifts, decorations and food to share. There are, of course, many more. So please share yours too!

Firstly, some thoughts on seasonal dilemmas:

Gifts – all types of ideas here, from sustainable local food, items fashioned from recycled goods and experiences and activities rather than more stuff.

Tim’s Christmas ideas

Not as eco friendly as making them all but better than a lot of stuff. I’m trying win my family over with greener alternatives to the things they already use.

Homethings‘ plastic free cleaning refills

I’ve bought a few people bottles of ketchup from ‘Rubies in the Rubble’. They’re great, they make condiments from food that was going to go to waste, and it’s really good!

Plastic free washing up set from ‘Pasoluna

Organic beer from ‘Black Isle Brewery

Oversized scarf made from recycled bottles from ‘Not On The High Street’

Plastic free deodorant from ‘Wild

Presents wrapped in brown paper

Cadbury’s new vegan chocolate is really good. My personal favourite. Only available at Sainsburys at the moment

A close second my vegan choc chart though is Like No Udder from Montezuma

Cat’s Christmas ideas

Pots, plants and Christmas gifts from Bud Garden centre in Burnage –  peat-free, bee-friendly, organic, and local! 

Toilet twinning –  By donating you help fund a project in a poor community that will enable families to build a basic toilet, have access to clean water and learn about hygiene – a vital combination that saves lives.

Solar aid shop– solar lights that help fund solar lights for citizens in Malawi and Zambia

Refillable eco- candles from Stockport

Gruum– local skincare

Stitched Up – voucher for sewing classes in Stretford

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