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Public Order Bill and Bill of Rights

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July 2022

Just two months since the Police Bill was passed, the government has launched a new attack on our protest rights and civil liberties with a wholesale repeal of the Human Rights Act, and the introduction of the Public Order Bill. Our best option for opposing these bills is to set up meetings with our local MPs to show just how much public opposition there is to both bills.

We will be encouraging supporters in Greater Manchester to contact and visit their MP. See below for further detail of the Bills. If you would like to get involved please get in touch,

Public Order Bill Summary 

The vast majority of measures contained within this Bill have already been resoundingly rejected by parliament. The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) have also recently warned that the Bill risks creating a “hostile environment” for people exercising their fundamental rights. 

At the same time, The government is carrying out a wider onslaught on our rights beyond protest. The Police Act, photographic voter ID, restrictions on judicial review and the proposed abolition of the Human Rights Act all limit people’s ability to make their voices heard on the streets, at the ballot box and in the courts.  

See here for more detail

Bill of Rights summary 

The Bill of Rights is of deep concern because it is going to repeal the Human Rights Act (HRA), with the heaviest impact landing on marginalised communities and ordinary people’s power to correct the course of institutions and governments when they get it wrong. After the horrors of The Holocaust, human rights were drawn up in the UN Declaration on Human Rights and European Convention these are enshrined in the HRA and should not be weakened. There are two main angles we recommend you take for opposing the Bill of Rights are the Environmental and Human Rights Angle.

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Key asks of MPs 

  • Vote against the bills 
  • Tell their Ministers, Whips and leadership to oppose the bills 
  • Publicly state their opposition

In particular, we are asking MPs as the Public Order Bill reaches Report Stage in the House of Commons, to defend our right to protest by: 

  1. voting in favour of the amendments in the name of Sir Charles Walker MP calling for the removal of clauses 16 and 17 which enable Serious Disruption Prevention Orders commonly known as ‘protest banning orders’ 
  2. voting in favour of the amendments in the name of Anne McLaughlin MP to remove clauses on stop and search and creation of protest specific offences 
  3. voting against the Bill in its entirety.  

We are also urging MPs to defend our civil liberties by voting against the Bill of Rights in its entirety.

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