Greater Manchester’s air pollution problem presents health and environmental challenges to the conurbation.

Friends of the Earth is part of the Healthy Air Campaign.

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      Manchester Friends of the Earth response to the South East Manchester Multi Modal Study (SEMMMs) Refresh consultation

      Stockport Council recently consulted on a ‘Refreshed’ SEMMMs transport strategy.  SEMMMs is supposed to be the South East Manchester Multi-Modal Strategy. Unfortunately, over the lifespan of SEMMMs most of the focus has been on building new roads or widening existing … Continue reading

      18th Jul 2018

      Atmosphere: Towards a proper strategy for tackling Greater Manchester’s air pollution crisis (IPPR North)

      The levels of air pollution in Greater Manchester are lethal and illegal. In groundbreaking new analysis, King’s College London (KCL) has estimated that 1.6 million life years will be lost in Greater Manchester in the coming century due to its … Continue reading

      25th Jun 2018

      Manchester Mayor falls short of convincing plan to clean up air pollution

      Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham commits to cleaning up buses and improving cycling infrastructure, but a charging Clean Air Zone would be the best method of reducing air pollution (as per legal requirements) in the shortest time possible

      14th Jun 2018

      On Clean Air Day leave the car at home… walk, cycle or take public transport

      Clean air – we all want to know our air is healthy. But too many of us breathe dirty air every day, especially in our towns and cities. Air pollution is a hidden killer and it hits children, older people … Continue reading

      7th Jun 2018

      The government has today (22 May) launched its clean air strategy for consultation

      Reacting to the launch of the government’s air quality strategy consultation, Oliver Hayes, clean air campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “Air pollution is estimated to cost the UK £20bn a year in NHS costs and days off sick, so … Continue reading

      22nd May 2018

      UK to appear in EU court over failure to clean up dirty air

      The European Commission announced today that the UK government is among the countries which will face the EU courts over continued failures to meet Nitrogen Dioxide standards set by the EU.

      17th May 2018

      Government approves four lane road tunnel under the River Thames

      Friends of the Earth, reacts to the Government’s approval of a new four lane road tunnel under the Thames between Greenwich and Newham

      10th May 2018

      Help put an end to air pollution

      Air pollution is deadly. But action to deal with this invisible killer just isn’t happening quickly enough. Too many of us are breathing in toxic filthy air created by vehicles on our roads – in particular diesels. And the consequences for … Continue reading


      New report finds local transport is the main contributor to air pollution (Campaign for Better Transport)

      Serious and urgent measures need to be taken by national Government and local Authorities to reduce local transport emissions to help improve air pollution, a new report has found. The report, Air pollution and transport: Time to clear the air? … Continue reading


      Close to 50 UK towns and cities fail to meet WHO standards for air pollution

      Air pollution data revealed today shows that 49 UK towns and cities are at or over World Health Organisation (WHO) standards for fine particle air pollution (PM2.5) – with the expanded database uncovering new examples of dangerously polluted air across … Continue reading

      1st May 2018