We want a healthy planet that provides a good life for everyone on it now and for the future. The Earth will go on supporting us if we look after it. It’s clear what we must do to protect our world – and provide for a growing population.

Manchester Friends of the Earth is involved in a range of biodiversity campaigns. See below for more details.


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    British mammals’ fight for survival

    Today’s [Wednesday, 13 June] review by the Mammal Society and Natural England finds that almost one in five of British mammal species face a high risk of extinction.

    13th Jun 2018

    Ask your council to put pollinators first

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your neighbourhood was full of flourishing green spaces, for both you and bees to enjoy? We rely on bees and other pollinating insects for so many plants and crops. But too often we forget they … Continue reading

    6th Jun 2018

    Grow a few weeds and help Britain’s bees, say wildlife experts as Friends of the Earth’s Great British Bee Count begins

    New poll shows 57% of people prepared to allow weeds and longer grass to grow to help wildlife The fifth annual Great British Bee Count launches today (17 May). Sign up now at www.greatbritishbeecount.co.uk  Thousands of verified bee sightings will … Continue reading

    17th May 2018

    Join the Great British Bee Count 2018

    Would you like to learn how to identify the bees that visit your garden or local park? Would you like to count how many of each species you see, and help Friends of the Earth find out which are doing … Continue reading

    15th May 2018

    Shape the future of our countryside

    The natural world is in serious trouble. Bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife are in decline. One of the main reasons? Pesticides.

    4th May 2018

    Bee-harming pesticides banned

    Today’s decision by EU member states, including the UK, to back a permanent ban on the outdoor use of three bee-harming pesticides is a “major victory for science, common sense and our under-threat bees”, says Friends of the Earth.

    27th Apr 2018
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    March Nature Blog

      What to look out for in March in Manchester At this time of year you should be able to see snow drops and crocus which were starting to flower in parts of Manchester until the snow hit this week.. … Continue reading

    3rd Mar 2018

    New neonic pesticide report confirms threat to bees

    Tougher ban on bee-harming pesticides essential, says Friends of the Earth A total ban on the outdoor use of three neonicotinoid pesticides is urgently needed, Friends of the Earth said, after a major new report published today (28 February) concluded … Continue reading

    28th Feb 2018

    Recipes for your bee-friendly rapeseed oil

    Have you already bought some high-quality bee-friendly British rapeseed oil produced while avoiding the use of harmful pesticides? If you’d like more information about the issues, you can find out more here. But if you’ve already got a bottle of … Continue reading

    20th Feb 2018