Since its invention, the production of plastic has been growing almost exponentially. Today, 4 percent of the world’s oil goes directly toward its production, with another 4 percent being used to supply the necessary energy to produce plastic.

That alone makes plastic a material that isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. Furthermore, a lot of plastic is used to make disposable products rather than lasting ones. Half of the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year is used only once.

There are no current ongoing waste campaigns but please feel free to get in touch with if you want to get involved. There are always plenty of projects to work on with other groups. A new campaign may also be started if enough people are motivated.


Make It Better

Our campaign on the environmental and social impacts of the products we buy and use.

Plastic Free GM

The Plastic Free Greater Manchester campaign

Plastic Free Takeaways

Plastic Free Takeaways Campaign