Since its invention, the production of plastic has been growing almost exponentially. Today, 4 percent of the world’s oil goes directly toward its production, with another 4 percent being used to supply the necessary energy to produce plastic.

That alone makes plastic a material that isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. Furthermore, a lot of plastic is used to make disposable products rather than lasting ones. Half of the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year is used only once.

Recognising that littering and ocean plastic pollution are urgent problems, our campaign Plastic-Free Takeaways asks take-away businesses in Levenshulme to stop using plastic food and drinks containers and cutlery, and instead offer compostable eco-friendly alternatives.


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Revealed: Unreported and harmful emissions from incinerators across England (UK Without Incineration Network)

Harmful emissions from incinerators are going unreported says new research which highlights serious public health failings. Copies of the full report can be read here: from 10:30am today 

17th Jul 2018


World Oceans Day – help turn the tide of plastic pollution

People are being urged to mark World Oceans Day today [8 June] by helping to reduce the tsunami of plastic waste pouring into our seas.

8th Jun 2018


UK Plastics Pact launched

Friends of the Earth plastics campaigner Julian Kirby reacting to today’s launch of the UK Plastics Pact – a commitment by 42 businesses to tackle plastic pollution.

26th Apr 2018


Fashion Forward: A Sustainable Fashion Fair for Manchester

Young Friends of the Earth Manchester are holding their first ever event, a sustainable fashion fair, on Saturday 28th April from 12 noon until 4pm. The event aims to bring people together to help them understand how fast fashion can … Continue reading

25th Apr 2018


Plastic straws and cotton buds could be banned

Friends of the Earth responds to news that the government could ban plastic straws and cotton buds in England

19th Apr 2018


Plastic packaging failing to prevent food waste crisis – new study

Plastics role in avoiding food waste may have been over-estimated. Friends of the Earth Europe and  Zero Waste Europe Brussels, April 10 – A rise in plastic food packaging is failing to reduce Europe’s growing food waste problem, and in … Continue reading

10th Apr 2018


Fall in plastic bags found in UK seas linked to bag charge

Tough measures still needed to turn tide of plastic pollution

5th Apr 2018


Government announces bottle deposit scheme

Michael Gove MP has proposed a new scheme which aims to increase the recycling of drinks containers.

28th Mar 2018


Levenshulme market first stall

The Plastic-Free Takeaways campaign team held their first stall at the Levenshulme market on Saturday the 24th of March. Ali, Lucie, Mirjam and Sébastien all arrived around 10am under a nice sunshine and Ian was an unexpected but appreciated addition … Continue reading

26th Mar 2018


Tell Easter egg manufacturers to go plastic free

Too many Easter eggs still come wrapped up in excessive plastic packaging. Much of this harmful plastic ends up polluting our environment and threatening our wildlife. But it shouldn’t be up to us to search out the plastic-free alternatives.

20th Mar 2018