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The native UK bee has been in decline over recent years due to a number of social and environmental factors. Similar declines have been recorded all over the world and some parts of China are already forced to use artificial pollination.

Bees pollinate 75% of our crops and if numbers continue to decline, it will cost the government a whopping £1.8 billion to replace them with artificial pollination. The Bee Cause campaign is here to raise awareness of this potential catastrophe and to encourage David Cameron to set up a national Bee Action Plan, which will see the end of some pesticide usage.

Along with campaigning and raising awareness, Manchester FOE is also supporting its local bees by creating more bee friendly habitats around the city.

For more information on the national campaign, visit The Bee Cause website.

Or to get involved with Manchester FOE’s bee activities contact either Steph or Cat on /

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    Help keep bees safe from harmfu pesticides  130

    Ask your MP to back the ban on bee-harming pesticides

    Our bees are under threat from toxic pesticides. The scientific evidence that pesticides – known as neonicotinoids – are dangerous for bees is overwhelming.

    4th Jan 2016
    Bees & Pollinators A Commonwealth Concern

    Bees on the beach

    The world has landed in Malta this week – and our bees are there too – putting the plight of the world’s bees and pollinators on the agenda of people and governments meeting here from across the Commonwealth.

    24th Nov 2015
    Help keep bees safe from harmfu pesticides  130

    Bad news for bees

    Back in July the Government made the shocking decision to allow farmers to use bee-harming pesticides – even though the pesticides are banned across the EU.

    19th Nov 2015
    Help keep bees safe from harmfu pesticides  130

    High Court refuses permission to challenge UK Government’s bee-harming pesticide decision

    Friends of the Earth expressed disappointment and concern after the High Court today refused its application for a judicial review of the Government’s decision to allow banned bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides to be used on oil-seed rape seeds in some parts … Continue reading

    12th Nov 2015

    Bees: National Pollinator Strategy needs strengthening says coalition

    The UK Government isn’t acting quickly enough on new evidence of the threats faced by bees and other pollinators in England, the Bee Coalition warned today, the first anniversary of the UK’s National Pollinator Strategy [NPS].

    4th Nov 2015
    Bee Court case

    Why are we taking the Government to court?

    Next week we’ll be in the baroque surrounding of the Royal Courts of Justice for the first time in our legal challenge to the Government’s decision, back in July.

    28th Oct 2015
    Liz Truss and Bee

    3 reasons to ban bee harming pesticides – for good

    Environment Secretary Liz Truss will speak at a farming debate at Conservative Party Conference tonight (Monday 5th October). But will she acknowledge the compelling evidence that neonicotinoid pesticides harm bees and support a permanent ban?

    6th Oct 2015
    Manchester Bee Summit - small

    Manchester Bee Summit to encourage local councillors, businesses and housing providers to help our pollinators

    On Thursday 24th September, Manchester Museum will host the city’s first Bee Summit which will bring together local politicians, businesses, housing providers and land owners such as Manchester City Football Club and Network Rail to tackle the decline of bees … Continue reading

    22nd Sep 2015
    Help keep bees safe from harmfu pesticides  130

    Report that Bayer is to stop using thiacloprid in Provado and Baby Bio from 2016.

    Responding to reports that Bayer is to remove the controversial neonicotinoid pesticide, thiacloprid, from garden products, Sandra Bell, bees campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “For months we’ve been calling for garden bug sprays containing thiacloprid to be taken off the shelves … Continue reading

    17th Sep 2015
    Help keep bees safe from harmfu pesticides  130

    Scientists identify new risks to bees from pesticides – Friends of the Earth reaction

    A new study by European scientists, published today, confirms that neonicotinoid pesticides applied as foliar sprays pose a risk to bees of all kinds. The new report comes in the same week that Friends of the Earth announced it was … Continue reading

    26th Aug 2015
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