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Environmental issues, such as air pollution, access to green space and climate change should not affect the more vulnerable in society unfairly. Sustainability can help diverse communities thrive, whether in the UK or around the world.


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      Stop land-grabbing for palm oil (Friends of the Earth Nigeria)

      We urge you to support us in adding more voices to our struggle against large-scale industrial oil palm plantations by Okomu Oil Palm PLC (a member of the global SOCFIN). After successful protest marches on the streets of Edo State … Continue reading

      7th Aug 2017

      UN committee tells UK government to urgently reverse changes so that going to court is not prohibitively expensive

      The compliance committee for the UN Aarhus Convention – to which the UK is a signatory – has concluded in its latest report that recent government changes to court costs in environmental legal cases further remove the UK from compliance … Continue reading

      2nd Aug 2017

      What is the DUP’s approach to key green issues in Northern Ireland?

      With the 10 MPs of the DUP now so powerful in Westminster, they have an important influence on the environment across the UK. So what is the DUP’s approach to key environmental issues in Northern Ireland? What is DUP policy … Continue reading

      29th Jun 2017

      Northern Ireland government acted unlawfully by not stopping dredging at Lough Neagh, says Court of Appeal

      Friends of the Earth has welcomed today’s Northern Ireland Court of Appeal decision that the Northern Ireland government acted unlawfully by not stopping the dredging at Lough Neagh, one of Europe’s most important wetlands [1] [2]. The environmental campaign group … Continue reading

      28th Jun 2017

      Changes to judicial review are pricing communities out of justice

      New changes to “judicial review” legal cases mean protecting the environment might just have got a whole lot more expensive. Equality before the law. It’s one of the oldest principles of our democracy – that the courts should treat you … Continue reading

      15th Jun 2017

      Great Repeal Bill isn’t enough to protect our environment

      With the environment left out of the UK’s Article 50 letter, it’s vital that the Great Repeal Bill brings over not just the laws, but the principles, which protect our environment warns Friends of the Earth as the Great Repeal Bill White … Continue reading

      30th Mar 2017

      Brexit white paper – Friends of the Earth reaction

      The government’s Brexit white paper commitment to bring current EU environmental protections into UK law is welcomed by Friends of the Earth but, as the charity points out, the devil will be in the detail.

      2nd Feb 2017
      Justice Campaign logo

      A victory for the people: After eight years of community resistance and international pressure, Hidro Santa Cruz leaves Guatemala. Interview with Basilio Tzoy

      Political persecution and imprisonment, criminalization of the struggle, threats and even the murder of social leaders, featured the imposition of hydroelectric megaproject Hidro Santa Cruz, in Santa Cruz Barillas, Guatemala, since 2008.

      29th Dec 2016

      Demand protection for Climate Refugees #HumanRightsDay

      This Human Rights Day please stand up for the rights of climate refugees – people forced to flee their homes because of the impacts of climate change. Please ask the UN Secretary General to protect Climate Refugees under international law.

      10th Dec 2016

      The environmental resistance will stand against Trump (Friends of the Earth US)

      WASHINGTON, D.C. – President-elect Donald Trump threatens our environment and we vow to fight him every step of the way. Like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump tapped into a deep resentment about the governing establishment of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. … Continue reading

      10th Nov 2016

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