We want a healthy planet that provides a good life for everyone on it now and for the future. The Earth will go on supporting us if we look after it. It’s clear what we must do to protect our world – and provide for a growing population.

Manchester Friends of the Earth is involved in a range of biodiversity campaigns. See below for more details.


    The Great British Bee Count 2016

    Join the Great British Bee Count

    Join us for the Great British Bee Count from 19 May – 30 June 2017 and discover the wonderful world of bees in our gardens, streets and green spaces this summer. Bees are essential: we rely on them to pollinate … Continue reading

    28th Mar 2017

    Let’s give Manchester’s bees a helping hand!

    Let’s make Manchester a City of Bees! Many of us will have heard of—or even taken part in—City of Trees, the drive to plant three million trees across Greater Manchester over the next 25 years.

    24th Mar 2017
    Help keep bees safe from harmfu pesticides  130

    “Europe poised for total ban on bee-harming pesticides” – Friends of the Earth reaction

    Responding to a report in the Guardian  that draft regulations show the European Commission wants to prohibit the insecticides that cause ‘acute risks to bees’, Friends of the Earth senior nature campaigner Paul de Zylva said: “Evidence of the harm … Continue reading

    23rd Mar 2017
    #Right to Nature

    Nature secret weapon in fight for better health

    As the world marks the international day of forests, researchers find that failing to provide access to nature to deprived communities could entrench health inequality. A review of available evidence points to a strong link between lack of access to … Continue reading

    21st Mar 2017
    FoE See things differently logo 120

    Help keep peat in its place

    Peat is hugely important for nature and for tackling climate change and floods. But for decades it has been dug up, bagged and put in our gardens. As spring approaches and thoughts turn to gardening we need your help to … Continue reading

    9th Mar 2017
    Pesticide Action Network

    Act on Pesticides (Pesticide Action Network)

    The government is under pressure to remove hard-won pesticide regulations when we leave the EU. Big agribusiness is lobbying hard to weaken the safety rules. If we don’t act now, we could see toxic products in the UK that are … Continue reading

    6th Mar 2017
    What Nature does for Britain  Tony Juniper

    What Nature Does for Britain by Tony Juniper

    – According to the ONS, nature is worth around £1.5 trillion per year to the UK economy (which is about the same as the national deficit) – The estimated annual cost to the UK arising from soil degradation is between … Continue reading

    15th Feb 2017
    Help keep bees safe from harmfu pesticides  130

    Pesticide firms’ legal challenge to ban on bee-harming pesticides

    A pesticide industry legal challenge [1] to current EU restrictions on neonicotinoid pesticides is taking place today and tomorrow (15-16 February). Friends of the Earth says there is growing scientific evidence of the threat these chemicals pose to bees and … Continue reading

    Your guide to bee-friendly wildflowers

    How to make a wildflower meadow

    If you’ve got a patch of grass in the garden, the chances are it will make a beautiful wildflower meadow. Just let the grass grow for most of the year, and with the occasional horticultural tweak, you’ll discover what wildflowers … Continue reading

    12th Feb 2017
    Grow Wild logo

    Grow for it! Youth funding

    Applications are now open for “Grow For It” youth-led funding awards. There are two funding streams:Transform a Space and Get Creative.

    10th Feb 2017