We want a healthy planet that provides a good life for everyone on it now and for the future. The Earth will go on supporting us if we look after it. It’s clear what we must do to protect our world – and provide for a growing population.

Manchester Friends of the Earth is involved in a range of biodiversity campaigns. See below for more details.


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    March Nature Blog

      What to look out for in March in Manchester At this time of year you should be able to see snow drops and crocus which were starting to flower in parts of Manchester until the snow hit this week.. … Continue reading

    3rd Mar 2018

    New neonic pesticide report confirms threat to bees

    Tougher ban on bee-harming pesticides essential, says Friends of the Earth A total ban on the outdoor use of three neonicotinoid pesticides is urgently needed, Friends of the Earth said, after a major new report published today (28 February) concluded … Continue reading

    28th Feb 2018

    Recipes for your bee-friendly rapeseed oil

    Have you already bought some high-quality bee-friendly British rapeseed oil produced while avoiding the use of harmful pesticides? If you’d like more information about the issues, you can find out more here. But if you’ve already got a bottle of … Continue reading

    20th Feb 2018

    Bee-friendly shopper’s guide to Local Rapeseed Oil

    An earth- and pollinator-friendly diet is healthy for us as well as various wild bees, honey bees and other pollinators. This is so whether we are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous and especially if it includes the best oils and fats.

    10th Jan 2018

    Northern Forest backing welcomed – but government must do more to protect ancient forests and nature

    Every child should be given right to experience nature every day.Commenting on government backing for the Woodland Trust’s proposed coast-to-coast Northern Forest, Friends of the Earth Senior Nature Campaigner, Paul de Zylva, said: “England is one of the least wooded … Continue reading

    7th Jan 2018

    City of Trees: can you spare 30 minutes and help shape the future of Greater Manchester’s trees and woods?

    City of Trees is looking for home-based volunteers to help with an important project called i-Tree Eco.

    3rd Jan 2018

    European vote on banning bee-harming pesticides delayed until 2018

    Outdoor ban on neonicotinoid pesticides needed to help protect bees, says Friends of the Earth European Commission proposals for a complete outdoor ban on three neonicotinoids were discussed by member states today – but no vote was taken. The issue … Continue reading

    12th Dec 2017

    Support tougher restrictions on bee-harming pesticides

    For nearly four years, there has been a temporary ban on three bee-harming pesticides called neonicotinoids.

    9th Dec 2017

    Glyphosate relicensing backward step for health and environment

    Government must help farmers move away from controversial chemical

    27th Nov 2017