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This climate is changing. But it’s not too late to do something about it. What we do over the next five years will make a real difference to our lives and the lives of future generations.

Here at Manchester Friends of the Earth, we’re working locally to support people who want to live more sustainably, and to encourage businesses and other organisations to Manchester’s climate change plan, A Certain Future.

We’re also keeping up the pressure on politicians to ensure the Government lives up to its pledge to be the greenest ever, setting us on a path to a clean, safe, nuclear-free energy supply and taking the lead in securing a strong and fair international climate deal.

    Eating Better for a Fair Green Healthy Future

    Manchester Friends of the Earth have an active campaign group who from time to time work on a range of issues around sustainable food including; reducing food waste, local food, ‘real food’, Fairtrade, and other aspects of low carbon food.

    Food Too Good to Waste . . .

    Food waste or food loss is food that is discarded or lost or uneaten. The causes of food waste or loss are numerous, and occur at the stages of production, processing, retailing and consumption.


    Our Food Group is taking a break from holding meetings for a while, so in the interim please come along to Full Group meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month instead.

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      Environmental issues, such as air pollution, access to green space and climate change should not affect the more vulnerable in society unfairly. Sustainability can help diverse communities thrive, whether in the UK or around the world.

        We want a healthy planet that provides a good life for everyone on it now and for the future. The Earth will go on supporting us if we look after it. It’s clear what we must do to protect our world – and provide for a growing population.

        Manchester Friends of the Earth is involved in a range of biodiversity campaigns. See below for more details.

            Highlights from the first Waste Campaign meeting – brainstorming and narrowing down focus

            We held our first waste campaign meeting last Tuesday at Green Fish. As waste is such a multifaceted and complex issue, and although ideally we would like to tackle all of the problems surrounding it, we soon realised that we are only able to focus on some of them.

            To get an overview of potential activities for the campaign, we thought that the best approach was to brainstorm and put down all our ideas. As seen on the picture below, we came up with over 15 issues. To narrow down our focus further, we measured all of those ideas on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of two criteria: achievability and impact.

            Ideas for the campaign measured on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of achievability and impact

            Ideas for the campaign measured on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of achievability and impact

            By considering achievability, we analysed how much power and resources we have to bring about desirable change and attain our goals. Thinking about impact in regard to carbon emissions reduction and diverting waste from landfills helped us to consider the outcomes of potential campaign activities and their contribution to solving the problems we face. Importantly, we recognised that both of these consideration points depended on the scale of our focus and activity, most often being either local or national.

            As a result we were able to pick six potential issues with achievable aims and satisfying outcomes/impact we could campaign on:

            • Public engagement and education – engaging with people at stalls, in public spaces and schools and on social media to explain and discuss the problems surrounding waste.
            • Encouraging food retailers to reduce food waste by reconsidering the best before/use by dates of their products to divert perfectly edible food from landfills and deliver it to people in need.
            • Supporting national campaigns on bottle/can deposit schemes that would encourage the circulation of valuable resources and their diversion from landfills and natural environment.
            • Engaging with local food take-away businesses to encourage them to give up non-recyclable polystyrene take-away trays and plastic cutlery and instead adopt sustainable recyclable/compostable/edible alternatives.
            • Raising awareness of unsustainability of fast fashion and encouraging and promoting repair, swap, share and second-hand alternatives.
            • Engaging with Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority to influence their waste management and find ways on how to work together.

            The aim of the next waste campaign meeting in July will be to pick two or three of those ideas and start discussing how we will go about campaigning on those issues.

            However, if you have any other ideas you could think of, please bring them to the meeting in July!


              transport campaign

              A shift towards more sustainable modes of transport is good news for our health, communities and the environment, both locally and globally. It is a vital step in reducing the emissions causing climate change. Manchester Friends of the Earth campaigns for cycling, walking, alternative fuels and quality public transport to be at the heart of policies on how we get around. We also believe that it is important to reduce the need to travel by, for example, promoting the use and development of local shops and services.