Bee Walk in Birchfields Park

event on
21 September

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust asks us to monitor the numbers of bees along a set route from March to October (this one on all 3rd Thursdays). We identify and count the Bumblebees, Cuckoo, Honey and Mining bees and the Honey bees that we see; and note which flowers they are collecting pollen or nectar from.

BeeWalk from the Norman Road entrance to Birchfields Park, Rusholme
Thursday 21st September, start at 1.45 to finish by 3pm

For further information call/text Jane on 07827 980 684 or see “Take a walk . . . take action” or see “Bee-friendly Plants for early Pollen, Nectar all year & all over Britain.”


Event Details

Location Birchfields Park