Bury Clarion Cycling Club – Sunday rides

Bury Clarion club rides are held each and every weekend. These are a great opportunity for you to meet other club members, learn the skills of group riding and enjoy some fantastic routes! We recommend you read Before taking part in any of our Social Rides, please read our Social Ride Guidelines. This is an ideal introduction to group riding.

Meet Barista The Rock Bury

Time 9am

Distance 60ish miles

Pace 16-18 mph

The Route- is not set in stone

Couple of points for you to read:   On our rides we expect all riders to adhere to the Highway Code and Bury Clarion do not take responsibility for individuals. We expect your bike to be in working order and if you are coming out to have the minimum of the following; Inner-tube, puncture repair kit, pump, tyre levers, emergency contact details.

Note:  Before committing to a ride with Bury Clarion Cycling Club please have a look at the route and be honest with yourself and make sure you can do the full ride at the pace outlined. This is not intended to put anyone off, it is to make sure everyone who comes out with Bury Clarion has the best possible experience we can offer. There is nothing macho about slowing a group down or bonking on a ride.

All ride speeds are ensured by the ride leaders. If you feel the ride is too slow and want to go off, then the responsibility is on you to make sure you have a safe ride and get home under your own steam. It is not the responsibility of Bury Clarion or the ride leader to ensure you know the route and or a safe route back home. Please ensure you have a working bike.

Check the Bury Clarion Cycling Club website for latest updates.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is listed in our cycling events calendar for Greater Manchester. It is not organised by Manchester Friends of the Earth nor the Love Your Bike campaign and does not necessarily reflect their policies. We recommend checking with the organisers in case of a change of time or location.

Event Details

Location Barista