Call out BP’s fracking in Argentina – AGM Vigil

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21 May

Join us on 21 May outside BP’s Annual General Meeting to call out the social and environmental devastation they are bringing to Argentina.

Meeting outside Manchester Central Library at 10am, we will hear from a speaker from Argentina on the damage BP’s fracking pursuits are causing to communities and the environment in Patagonia. We’ll then stage a vigil outside the BP AGM (at the Manchester Central Convention Centre) for those affected by the current and historic abuses BP has brought to local communities.

Join us to demonstrate to passing shareholders that BP is a toxic company to invest in for people and climate.


BP’s business model is built on the continued extraction of fossil fuels that cannot be burnt if we are to remain within safe climate limits. To avoid bad PR in the UK, BP is pushing full steam ahead with unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (fracking) in Argentina instead. It is a key backer of the Vaca Muerta mega fracking project, being forced through by the Macri government and major fossil fuel corporations at the expense of the indigenous peoples living in Patagonia. The Vaca Muerta project has been associated with countless environmental and human rights abuses, including the deaths and disappearances of known local activists and community members.

A different world is possible. The Macri Government could invest in a clean, sustainable and accountable energy sector, rather than throwing its weight behind unwanted and dirty fossil fuels. BP – end the greenwashing, pull your investments from fossil fuel projects, and invest in clean energy instead.

Please bring black clothes as we will be sitting on a black cloth and holding candles for the vigil. See you there!

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Location Manchester Central Library