Green Summit Listening Event for Food

event on
13 February

In the lead up to the Greater Manchester Green Summit on the 21st of March, a number of ‘Listening Events’ are being organised with the aim of providing a platform for discussion and consensus building around core issues of importance in Greater Manchester.

This event will focus on food and its impact across a range of issues in Greater Manchester including health, the environment, economic development, poverty and community building. In order to set the scene, the meeting will briefly hear from four initiatives / organisations that aim to promote food within Greater Manchester policymaking:

  • Good Food Greater Manchester
  • The Kindling Trust
  • The Food Chains 4 Europe Project (Manchester Metropolitan University / Oldham MBC)
  • The Self-organising Action for Food Equity (SAFE) Project (led by Sheffield University)

This will be followed by structured discussion and feedback led by a representative of the national Sustainable Food Cities programme.

The aim of the event is to make the case for stronger consideration of food related issues in Greater Manchester, consider possible recommendations for submission to the Green Summit, and inform the development of a proposed new Green Charter for the region.

Tickets for the event are free and refreshments will be provided.

(Free) Booking via Eventbrite.


Event Details

Location Friends Meeting House