Retrofit of existing housing – the key to Manchester’s Carbon Challenge

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14 February

Manchester has stated its intention for the city to be run entirely on green energy within the next 35 years. This will not be achieved without the comprehensive deep insulation of our existing housing stock and the scrapping of gas heating.

Our speakers will explain the challenges and opportunities this represents, discussing both the supporting research and the practical solutions to achieving this on a large scale.

Professor Will Swan leads the Applied Buildings and Energy Research Group at the University of Salford, home to the Salford Energy House, and has undertaken groundbreaking work on retrofit and controls, with widely published research on the topic.

For over a decade, Charlie Baker has been undertaking pioneering retrofit projects close to carbon neutrality, has devised retrofit standards, and their management, supply chain, mutual finance and delivery models while evolving a set of replicable, proven details which can be applied to existing housing at scale. His company, red co-op, won the Constructing Excellence NW Innovation Award in 2017.

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Organiser of Retrofit of Existing Housing – The Key to Manchester’s Carbon Challenge

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