Tamara Stenn – Social Entrepreneurship as Sustainable Development

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23 June

The Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group (SEEG) is delighted to welcome Dr Tamara Stenn to speak Manchester Metropolitan University. Hosted by Professor Sally Randles, co-convener of SEEG.

Tamara Stenn - Social Entrepreneurship as Sustainable Development

Dr Stenn, a Fulbright Scholar, presents a holistic way in which to realize the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals through the four quadrants of the Sustainability Lens: Resources, Health, Policy, and Exchange.

As international foci and 2030 sustainable development goals are fast being integrated into EU and UK calls for funded projects, Tamara’s presentation and discussion will be of interest to a wide range of researchers across a variety of disciplines.

Dr Stenn takes an interdisciplinary and multiple methodological approach. Her interests include indigenous knowledge, Suma Qamana (bien vivir), social entrepreneurism and sustainable ways
of being.
For more about Tamara and her work at the School for International Training, Graduate Institute in Vermont, USA, check out her website.

Business School, Room 3.25



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Location MMU Business School