Speak up for Clean Air: Take 2 minutes to tell the Government what you think about the UK’s air pollution crisis

21st June 2017

UK Air Quality Consultation

Illegal and harmful levels of air pollution are harming the health of people across the UK. Legal limits of nitrogen dioxide should have been met in 2010 but successive governments have failed to get a grip on the problem.

Client earth - Speak up for Clean Air

Following a legal challenge by ClientEarth, the UK government was ordered by the High Court to produce new improved plans to show how they are going to comply with legal limits of air pollution in the shortest time possible. The draft plans are currently out for consultation until the 15th June.

ClientEarth believes that the draft air quality plan that is out for consultation has some serious problems, which are so bad that the consultation needs to be changed. We’re asking the High Court to fix those problems, but we might not get an answer before the consultation period is finished and the Court might not agree with us.

So in the meantime it is still really important that people take part in the consultation to say what they would like to see in a proper plan to tackle poor air quality in our towns and cities so we can protect people’s health. If the Court does agree with us, then we’ll be in touch to let you know what more you can do to help make sure we’re all able to breathe clean air.

Please take a few minutes to respond to the Consultation.