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21 Key Actions for the Mayor’s Green Summit

In March 2018 we launched these 21 key actions for the Mayor’s Green Summit to help let newly elected Andy Burnham know what Greater Manchester to be a truly sustainable city.

Below is a summary, and you can read more about each one in our more detailed report (pdf).

Energy & climate targets

1. Adopt the Tyndall Centre’s science-based carbon budgets and set a target to halve emissions in the next five years and become carbon neutral by 2038.
2. Switch all public assets in Greater Manchester to 100% renewable energy by 2020, and encourage households and businesses to follow suit.
3. Set up a publicly owned energy company for the Greater Manchester region.
4. Provide financial and legal support to communities who want to develop their own local renewable energy projects.
5. Deliver the manifesto commitment to introduce a presumption against fracking and other unconventional fossil fuel extraction in Greater Manchester.
6. Divest the Greater Manchester Pension Fund from climate-changing fossil fuels by 2023.


7. Make existing building stock fit for the 21st century by implementing an ambitious GM retrofit programme.
8. Make new buildings fit for the 21st century by setting a GM standard requiring all new construction to be zero carbon and climate resilient.
9. Make private rented accommodation fit for the 21st century by introducing a landlord licensing scheme.
10. Make the construction sector fit for the 21st century by setting up a Greater Manchester Academy for Sustainable Construction.


11. Introduce strict new emissions standards for buses and taxis, and a ban on diesel vehicles in Greater Manchester by 2025.
12. Introduce a workplace parking levy for large and medium-sized businesses in Greater Manchester.
13. Deliver the agreed £1.5 billion of investment in walking and cycling across Greater Manchester, and commit to work in partnership with the community to design and deliver it.
14. Invest in a high-quality, affordable, integrated public transport network in Greater Manchester.
15. Introduce a cap on emissions from flights to and from Manchester Airport.

Nature, Food, Waste & Education

16. Introduce a ban on toxic neonicotinoid pesticides across Greater Manchester.
17. Protect and enhance our green spaces as a thriving home for nature and a place for people across the region to enjoy.
18. Set a new Green Standard for public events in Greater Manchester.
19. Provide a network of public water fountains across Greater Manchester.
20. Set ambitious targets to increase recycling rates and reduce waste arising
21. Support a GM-wide education programme on climate change and wider sustainability.

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