Go plastic-free this Christmas with Friends of the Earth

Christmas will be here before we know it, with some people way ahead of the game when it comes to organising parties and shopping for gifts.

8th Nov 2018


IPCC climate change report – what it means

What is the IPCC – and why is there so much fuss about this new UN report on the effects of global warming?

11th Oct 2018


Special Report: How air pollution is cutting life expectancy in Manchester (Granada ITV)

Manchester has at times the dirtiest, most polluted air in Western Europe and people living in the city could have their lives shortened because of it.

3rd Oct 2018


Sign the petition for Better Buses in Greater Manchester

Right now, bus companies do what they like and it’s afree market wild west scenario. We need public control.

11th Nov 2018


Tell your MP to stop the government’s daylight robbery (10:10)

We know we urgently need to ramp up climate action. But over the last few years the government has been removing support for renewables.

5th Nov 2018


Tell your MP to reject fast-tracking fracking

On Wednesday, MPs will debate the government’s plans to fast-track fracking – and we need your help.

28th Oct 2018


Mellor Green Wildflower Meadow

Just a few of the dozens of wildflowers we sowed in Cheadle Hulme in April.

6th Aug 2018


Atmosphere: Towards a proper strategy for tackling Greater Manchester’s air pollution crisis (IPPR North)

The levels of air pollution in Greater Manchester are lethal and illegal. In groundbreaking new analysis, King’s College London (KCL) has estimated that 1.6 million life years will be lost in Greater Manchester in the coming century due to its … Continue reading

25th Jun 2018


Levenshulme market first stall

The Plastic-Free Takeaways campaign team held their first stall at the Levenshulme market on Saturday the 24th of March. Ali, Lucie, Mirjam and Sébastien all arrived around 10am under a nice sunshine and Ian was an unexpected but appreciated addition … Continue reading

26th Mar 2018


You are invited to a film screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean’

On Tuesday 20th November, Manchester Friends of the Earth invite people to a screening of “A Plastic Ocean” – a film that powerfully presents the problem of plastic pollution. The film shows the devastation caused to our environment and how … Continue reading

16th Nov 2018


Reform countryside to tackle climate change, urges government advisor – Friends of the Earth reaction

“This is a wake-up call for a complacent government that we must completely transform the way we use land, to avoid climate breakdown and make space for nature.”

15th Nov 2018


UK’s first postcode gardener springs into action in Hackney

Kate Poland will start as the UK’s first-ever ‘postcode gardener’. She will work with people in the E5 postcode to increase vegetation and wildlife in their streets. This pilot is part of the 10xGreener initiative from Friends of the Earth … Continue reading

12th Nov 2018


A missed opportunity to put climate risks front and centre – the government falls short on revised planning policy Friends of the Earth’s take on the NPPF2

The government has just missed about 10 open goals to protect the environment. It’s probably the most immediate way that the public could influence the quality of life in the place they live. Yet the town and country planning system – … Continue reading

15th Aug 2018


DEFRA Clean Air Strategy consultation – Manchester Friends of the Earth’s response

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recently consulted on the Government’s draft Clean Air Strategy. Manchester Friends of the Earth detailed response is available (pdf).  See below for the introduction to our response and why we need … Continue reading

13th Aug 2018


Manchester Friends of the Earth response to the South East Manchester Multi Modal Study (SEMMMs) Refresh consultation

Stockport Council recently consulted on a ‘Refreshed’ SEMMMs transport strategy.  SEMMMs is supposed to be the South East Manchester Multi-Modal Strategy. Unfortunately, over the lifespan of SEMMMs most of the focus has been on building new roads or widening existing … Continue reading

18th Jul 2018