Our rights to challenge bad environmental decisions at risk

20th Feb 2020

In terms of compliance with the third pillar concerning access to environmental justice, the UK government relied on the existing process of JR alongside statutory reviews - at that point assuming they were Aarhus compliant. However, as set out below that has not proved to be the case and the UK remains to this day in non-compliance with certain provisions of the Convention.

An Eco Levy for driving: cut carbon and clean up toxic air

A pay-per-mile Eco Levy on driving plus free local buses and Swiss-style public transport frequencies would meet our obligation to tackle the climate impacts of cars

Does carbon offsetting work?

14th Feb 2020

Offsetting. Everybody’s at it. Shell says that it offsets the petrol that its customers buy. The aviation industry has said offsetting is how we can carry on flying. Some countries even want to offset their emissions. But what is carbon offsetting and does it work?

Don’t let your money fund gas drilling in Mozambique (Friends of the Earth)

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16th Feb 2020

The UK government is currently deciding whether to pump millions in taxpayers' money into a vast new gas drilling development in Mozambique.

Call on GM Pension Fund to ditch the coal (Fossil Free Greater Manchester)

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13th Feb 2020

We're calling on the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) to take a simple step: ditch the coal.

Show support for the Transport Select Committee’s report asking for the Government to change the law on pavement parking (Guide Dogs)

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12th Feb 2020

When cars are parked on pavements, people with a vision impairment may have to risk their lives by walking into the road just to get by them.

Great British Bird Watch 2020 at Sale Water Park

27th Jan 2020

After last year’s successful visit to Fletcher Moss, our Nature volunteers invited bird lovers to join us in the RSPB’s annual bird survey at Sale Water Park, further down the Mersey Valley

Campaigners deliver 11,500-strong Better Buses petition to Mayor Andy Burnham

4th Jan 2020

On a sunny, but chilly, Friday lunchtime (3rd January) volunteers from Manchester Friends of the Earth joined the Better Buses for Greater Manchester march to hand in the petition signed by 11,500 people supporting the proposals for bus re-regulation (franchising).

More trees please…. a fun Sunday planting 500 trees in Sunnybank Park.

26th Nov 2019

During National Tree Week 2019 Manchester Friends of the Earth joined forces with City of Trees and Tameside Council to plant 500 trees in Sunnybank Park during.

Arsenal save half a million single-use plastic cups from landfill – Friends of the Earth reaction

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20th Feb 2020

Friends of the Earth is urging sport stadiums and other venues across the UK to introduce reusable cup initiatives after Arsenal revealed today that its scheme - introduced at the start of the season - has already prevented an incredible half a million single-use plastic cups being chucked away.

A303 Stonehenge Tunnel Petition hand-in to 10 Downing Street

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18th Feb 2020

Around 50,000 signatures to the Alliance’s petition [2] will be handed into 10 Downing Street on Wednesday. The petition is addressed to the Secretaries of State for Transport, and Culture, Media and Sport, asking for no further damage to be done to the archaeological landscape of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

“Inadequate and cynical” – Green campaigners respond to BP plans

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12th Feb 2020

The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of BP has today laid out plans for how the oil and gas giant would be a "net zero" company.

Northern Quarter consultation : Piccadilly Station to Victoria station walking and cycling proposal – Love Your Bike response.

18th Feb 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the proposed walking and cycling route from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Victoria Station. Our response is into sections that correspond with the structure of the consultation document. Each section …

‘Doing buses differently’ – Manchester Friends of the Earth consultation response

7th Jan 2020

Manchester Friends of the Earth supports a publicly controlled bus network because the bus system is simply not working well for people in Greater Manchester.

Civil society leaders warn that prorogation risks eroding democratic accountability

29th Aug 2019

Civil society leaders release joint statement on the prorogation of parliament