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13th Jan 2014

The Government is worried. Despite its strong support for fracking, local opposition just keeps on growing.  Today David Cameron announced he’s going “all out for shale”, offering yet more money to councils as a sweetener to accept this dirty fossil fuel.

David Cameron promised his would be the ‘greenest government ever’

Yet he has come out in clear support of fracking, a new way of extracting yet more dirty fossil fuels, just when the UK should be leading the world in moving to clean renewable power.

The Prime Minister thinks that by throwing money at cash-strapped councils, they will ignore the serious risks fracking poses. But more money won’t change the risks of pollution to our drinking water, earth tremors and devastation to the local environment.

And that’s why local residents, from Balcombe in West Sussex to Salford in Greater Manchester, are coming together to say no to fracking.

The pressure at a local level is working. Let’s make sure Westminster hears it loud and clear.

Sign our petition to David Cameron asking him to say no to fracking. 

Cameron’s government is ignoring local communities in a dash for shale gas that would:

  • scar our countryside and risk contaminating our water supplies
  • stop the UK from tackling dangerous climate change
  • be unlikely to bring down fuel bills, even after many years
  • divert scarce investment away from clean renewable energy.

Help us call on David Cameron to focus on clean, safe and renewable energy solutions instead.

Please sign the petition to David Cameron

Dear David Cameron,

I call on you to reconsider your position on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, immediately and instead champion energy sources which do not risk our global climate, local environment or our health.

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