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Group attacks waste plan (The Guardian, 15th October, 1975).

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A conservation group claimed yesterday that if Laporte Industries had not already found alternative employment for 400 men working at Cavendish Mill in the Peak District, they had acted irresponsibly. The group, Friends of the Earth, were giving evidence at an inquiry into Laporte’s proposal to flood 70 acres at the Peak National Park with mineral waste.

While the group accepted that it would be very serious if 400 jobs were lost, the company had known since 1967 that the present situation would probably arise where they were running out of waste-disposal facilities. “If they have not, therefore, already prepared alternative employment for their work-force it is they who have acted irresponsibly, rather than the Peak Park Planning Board, as has been implied.” Dr Nigel Ray, a member of the 100-strong Manchester branch of the Friends of the Earth, said.

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