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Manchester Friends of the Earth calls on Commuters to go Green

news release

From the 11th to the 15th June Manchester Friends of the Earth (MFoE) is running
activities and stunts in Manchester to mark national Green Transport Week (1). They
intend to show that the future of transport can be environmentally friendly, combining
greater freedom and choice with reduced pollution and congestion.

Throughout the week there will be daily press events on specific themes:

·  On Monday 11th cyclists and car drivers will take part in commuter races on
various routes to work across the City.

·  Tuesday 12th is a day to celebrate the potential for buses to be the
environmentally friendly choice for city travel. In her ‘Town Hall Dash’, a
MFoE campaigner will visit the main town hall of every Greater Manchester
local authority by bus, delivering the message that Council staff can use buses
effectively for their everyday work-related travel.

·  On Wednesday 13th, campaigners will focus on the benefits of using alternative
fuels to power cars. A number of examples will be available to the media,
including Bio-Diesel (Chip Fat Oil!) and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

·  Car lift-sharing is the theme for Thursday 14th, and lift-sharers will be available
to talk about the benefits of this easy and cost-effective way to save fuel, money
and stress.

·  Friday 15th gets back to basics with the simplest form of sustainable transport:
our feet. School children will be demonstrating the ‘walking bus’, a way to
encourage kids to walk to school without compromising their safety.

Richard Dyer, Transport Campaigner with Manchester Friends of the Earth hopes that
the week will bring the benefits of more sustainable transport to a wide audience:

“Everyone can benefit from green transport. The majority of people, especially in
Manchester, are not car-owners, and therefore depend for their mobility on public
transport. Those who do own cars can benefit from a greater choice of transport
options. Green transport is a must if we are to tackle poor air quality in
Manchester and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate
change, and is a bonus for the health of the people of Manchester.”



Notes to Editors
1) Green Transport Week is run by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) and
this year takes place from 9th to 16th June. More information is available on the ETA

Further Information
Details of specific photo opportunities will be available on the MFoE Internet Site
( in the week prior to the campaign, and event-specific press
releases will be sent the day before each event. More information is available from
Michael Bane on 07947 606950, 0161 2756134 (work) or

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