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Can Bike Beat Car?

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Green Transport Week: Day 1

On Monday 11 June, day 1 of “Green Transport Week” [1], Manchester Friends of the Earth (FoE) have organised several cycle commuters to race against car drivers on various routes across the city, whilst naturally respecting all speed limits and road traffic laws.
The aim of the event is to demonstrate that journey times are likely to be similar or even favour cyclists on a “door to door” basis.

Cycling also has other advantages:  Cycling is good for your health! Cyclists, because of their position on and height above the road, only inhale one third [2] of the pollutants that pedestrians and car drivers do. Cycling regularly also helps to reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease, obesity and strokes [3].

Cycling saves you cash! An average small car costs its owner approximately £80 per week to run including depreciation [4], the comparative cost of running a decent quality bicycle is just £3 per week [5].

Nearly half of all journeys could easily be done by cycle. 45% of all journeys are less than 2
miles, 72% less than 5 miles, and there are no parking concerns with a bike! [6]
Cycling is green and clean! Cycles emit no pollutants that harm our health and our children’s health, or contribute to the threat of climate change.

Richard Dyer, Transport Campaigner for Manchester Friends of the Earth, said:
“It’s going to be really interesting to see who wins the race today, but whatever the results the cyclists will definitely win on saving money, improving their health and helping the environment.

Perhaps motorists commuting to the city centre can be coaxed out of their cars to give cycling a try on National Bike to Work Day on Wednesday 20th June when there’s the added incentive of a free breakfast in Albert Square courtesy of Manchester City Council when they get there!” [7]


For More Information
Michael Bane, Campaigns Coordinator, Manchester FoE:
0161 275 6134 (w) / 07 947 606 950 (m)

Notes to Photo Editors
Richard Dyer from Manchester FoE and Dick Venes from Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign [8], along with some of the riders and drivers will be available for interview and photographs on Monday 11th June between 08.45 and 09.00 in Albert Square. Contact Michael Bane on 0161 275 6134(w) or 07 947 606 950(m) to arrange this. Dick Venes will also be available for interview for the rest of the day on 0161 224 3843.

1. Green Transport Week (9-16 June) is promoted by the Environmental Transport Association and Manchester FoE are organising a media event each weekday (11-15 June). Press releases for each event are available from

2. “Road User Exposure to Pollution” (Environmental Transport Association)
3. “Promoting Cycling: Improving Health” (National Cycling Forum)

4. “Which Car 2000” (Which magazine)
5. Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign

6. “Taming the Traffic” (Friends of the Earth) and “National Cycling Strategy” (Dept. of
Environment, Transport & the Regions)

7. Part of National Bike Week, breakfast available between 7am and 10am: see for further details
8. Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign campaigns for better facilities for cyclists throughout Greater Manchester see for further details.

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