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Green Messenger on the Buses

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Green Transport Week: Day 2

Green message carried by Green Suited Campaigner travels to all 10 Greater Manchester
town Halls on the buses!

On Tuesday 12 June, day 2 of “Green Transport Week” [1], Manchester Friends of the Earth transport campaigner Sandra Dutson is visiting all Greater Manchester’s Town Halls by bus to present each with a simple but strong message in the form of her poem:

You can do more on a bus than you think!
Beat the blues, bust the queues,
Improve health, increase your wealth.
Don’t be bizarre and stay in your car.
Be part of the solution,
To congestion and pollution.
Don’t make a fuss, get on that bus!

Sandra is asking Manchester’s 10 Councils to do more to encourage their staff to use buses for their work journeys.

Buses are the most economical people carrier. They are flexible and can respond to changing journey patterns. The more people use them, the fewer cars will be on the road, with all the reduction in pollution and congestion that means and the benefits to health and journey times which follow. A whole day’s travel anywhere within Greater Manchester need only cost £3. [2]

Buses produce far less emissions per person than a car. A modern bus with 20 people on board emits only a third of the amount of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, compared to 20 cars with sole occupants.


For More Information
Sandra Dutson: 07790 040 513
Graeme Sherriff: 0161 275 6920 (w)
Michael Bane, Campaigns Coordinator, Manchester FoE:
0161 275 6134 (w) / 07 947 606 950 (m)

Notes to Editor
1. Green Transport Week (9-16 June) is promoted by the Environmental Transport Association and Manchester FoE are organising a media event each weekday (11-15 June). Press releases for each event are available from

2. A day saver for the buses can be purchased from the drivers for just £3.

Notes to Photo Editors
Sandra Dutson and Graeme Sherriff, transport campaigners for Manchester Friends of the Earth, will be available for interview and photographs, together with a large copy of the poem, in Albert Square at 1:15pm on Tuesday 12 June, when Sandra will meet Roger Jones, chair of GMPTA, to deliver her “green message”.

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