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Green Transport Week: Day 4

On Thursday 14 June, day 4 of “Green Transport Week” [1], which is also National Lift Share Day [2], Manchester Friends of the Earth are promoting lift and car sharing clubs.

There are several local schemes just starting up such as the Chorlton Car Share Club and “Match ‘n’ Ride”, a lift sharing agency. The organisers of these schemes will be available for interview on the day (see contact details).

Government figures show that car traffic is set to grow by a third in the next twenty years and yet every day there are ten million empty seats on UK roads [3]. A 10% reduction in the number of cars on the roads would reduce traffic jams by 20% [4]. And if half of Britain’s motorists left their car at home just one day a week and shared a lift instead then traffic congestion and pollution would be cut by 10%.

Gloria Gabriel of “Match ‘n’ Ride” said, “Match n Ride was set up to provide a flexible, user
friendly, easy to access service which will appeal to a wide range of users with a variety of needs.

The innovative scheme is intended to serve the local community, reduce isolation, bridge the gap for public transport and accommodate today’s diverse lifestyles.”

Jeff Turner, of Chorlton Car Share Group, noted, “The idea behind the car co-op is to provide car use at only a fraction of the full cost of ownership”.

Melanie Fletcher of Manchester Friends of the Earth added, “sharing rides cuts congestion, reduces pollution, saves you money and is easy to do”.


For More Information
Gloria Gabriel, Match ‘n’ Ride: 0161 248 8642,
Jeff Turner, Chorlton Car Share: 0780 127 1819,

Mel Fletcher c/o Michael Bane, Campaigns Coordinator, Manchester FoE: 0161 275 6134 (w) 07 947 606 950 (m)

Notes to Editors
1. Green Transport Week (9-16 June) is promoted by the Environmental Transport Association and Manchester FoE are organising a media event each weekday (11-15 June). Press releases for each event are available from
2. More details from
3. From Dept. Environment, Transport and Regions (
4. Liftshare ( 08700 780 225

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