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Demand Fairer Fares, say Campaigners

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Campaigners from Manchester Friends of the Earth [1] are today asking rail passengers to
support their campaign for fairer rail fares. Members of the public have until 11th October to respond to the consultation on rail fares that the Strategic Rail Authority are carrying out [2].

The environmentalists have made responding to the consultation easy. They have postcards that passengers need only sign and have set up a web site where concerned commuters can respond using a suggested or their own message [3].

Transport Campaigner Graeme Sherriff urged passengers to support their campaign:-
“The UK has some of the most expensive rail fares in the world and all the rules and restrictions make fares so complicated even some of the staff get confused! We know that high fares are one of the biggest barriers to greater use of the trains. The Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) must address these problems in their review of fares policy. An accessible and affordable train service is a vital component of a sustainable transport network.”

Friends of the Earth’s 3 key demands [4] for change are:-
1. Introduce a National off-peak rail card
2. Introduce more controls on ‘walk-on’ fares
3. Introduce a simpler fares structure that everyone can understand

Andrew MacFarlane of the Railfuture added:-

“The SRA are saying that fare increases may be necessary to pay for improvements to the
network and ease overcrowding. We doubt if many passengers would agree, and we would
urge them to support our campaign. Many European countries have cheaper fares and better run rail systems. They can do it, so can we.”


More Information available from: Graeme Sherriff, Co-ordinator
Manchester Friends of the Earth
Email: Mobile: 07905 790426

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