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Campaigners from Manchester Friends of the Earth [1] are calling upon the Government not to allow any expansion at Manchester Airport or for air travel in general. In the summer the Government published consultation documents outlining possible growth scenarios for air travel [2]. The local environmental group have now submitted their official response [3] in which they call for zero growth in the numbers of passengers travelling by air.

Local campaigner Dr. Michael K. Bane has sent a copy of the response, which he helped write, to his local MP, Tony Lloyd. In the group’s response they point out how the proposed tripling of passengers at Manchester Airport would lead to massive increases in air and noise pollution, creating yet more misery for thousands of Manchester residents. Furthermore, the effect on the environment would be devastating with a 350% increase in emissions of gases which contribute to global climate change, leading to more frequent droughts and floods locally, nationally and internationally.

Michael Bane commented,
“Rather than celebrating being on course to break the 20 million passenger mark [4],
Manchester Airport should be working with the Government on ways to safeguard the
environment, not on making a bad situation worse. I’d like to see people having a real
alternative that is cheap, quick and reliable, of getting across the country and to Europe. Given the choice of turning up at the railway station and being able to work on the train, or having to book in 2 hours early and not being able to use any electronic equipment while on a plane, I’d certainly take the train everytime”

The deadline for responses to the Government’s consultation is Saturday 30 November but Manchester Friends of the Earth are urging people to continue lobbying their MPs into the New Year.

Graeme Sherriff, transport campaigner at Manchester Friends of the Earth, added,
“The Government will be looking at responses over the next few months and MPs are always interested in hearing their constituents’ concerns. Therefore it is important that anybody who thinks a bigger airport isn’t better should write to their MP at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA straightaway.”


More Information available from:
Michael Bane, coordinator, Manchester Friends of the Earth
0161 226 9321(h) / 0161 275 6134(w) / 07947 606 950(m)

Graeme Sherriff, transport campaigner, Manchester Friends of the Earth
Mobile: 07905 790426

Notes to Editors
[1] Manchester Friends of the Earth is a prominent pressure group, raising awareness and lobbying for policy changes at a local, regional, national and international level. The group consists entirely of volunteers, and its campaigns are funded by membership fees and individual donations. Up-to-date information is available on their website: Manchester Friends of the Earth is part of a national network of local groups, affiliated to the national organisation (further information can be found at
[2] The Government’s consultation documents can be viewed at

[3] Manchester Friends of the Earth’s 10 page response can be downloaded at

[4] As reported in the Manchester Evening News (19 November 2002), see

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