Volunteering Zone stall - June 2004

Volunteering Zone stall: June 2004

12th June 2004

Having launched our Climate Challenge in May 2004, we decided to focus our Manchester Volunteering Zone stall on June 12th on the theme of Renewables and our Climate Challenge campaign.

Volunteering Zone stall - June 2004

We asked passers-by to sign our Climate Challenge Pledge to review their supplier of electricity. This was with a view to switching from a supplier generating electricity from polluting fossil-fuels to a clean green supplier generating from wind, wave, solar and biomass.

The more households that switch the less pollution we cause, the more we reduce our effect on climate change and the more we support the growing renewable energy sector in the UK.

Many people also chose to fill out a Manchester Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (EEAC) questionnaire to get a customised report for their household on how they could be more energy efficient and save money at the same time, and to start them off, each one got a free low energy light bulb courtesy of the EEAC.

We were delighted with how many people took the pledge and how many people were already familiar with the concept of climate change, its effects and what practical steps they could take to start to deal with it.