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Mancunians call for action on climate change

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For immediate release: Monday 13th June 2005


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The Government needs to be doing more to tackle the issue of climate change. That was the message that came through loud and clear on 11th June, when Manchester Friends of the Earth [1] conducted an informal poll of 547 people in central Manchester. Asked ‘Is the Government is doing enough about climate change?’, an overwhelming 93 per cent of respondents said ‘no’, four per cent didn’t know and just three per cent said ‘yes’.

The poll followed the launch of Friends of the Earth’s national campaign, The Big Ask, on 25th May. The Big Ask calls on the Government to bring in new legislation to tackle climate change by setting legally binding targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions by three per cent per year. This would ensure that the UK meets its national target of a 60 per cent reduction by 2050. [2]

Tony Lloyd, Labour MP for Manchester Central, has pledged to support a climate change bill and has signed EDM (Early Day Motion) 178. [3] He said: “Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges, not just for this generation, but for future generations to come. It is highly important that at the G8 Summit, world leaders take action and make a commitment to stem climate change, so the earth is not damaged irreparably for future generations.”

Dave Coleman, Manchester Friends of the Earth’s climate campaign co-ordinator, said: “The people of Manchester have sent a clear message to the Government. It’s time for MPs of all parties to take action and bring in a new law to tackle climate change before it’s too late.”

To pledge support for the Big Ask or to find out more about the campaign, please visit


Notes to Editors

[1] Manchester Friends of the Earth is a prominent pressure group, raising awareness and lobbying for policy changes at a local, regional, national and international level. The group consists entirely of volunteers, and its campaigns are funded by membership fees and individual donations. Up-to-date information is available on their website: Manchester Friends of the Earth is part of a national network of local groups, affiliated to the national organisation (further information can be found at

[2] Although the Government has already committed to reducing carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2010, little action has yet been taken to deliver on this promise. In fact, levels of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, have actually risen in recent years ( If the Government doesn’t start making annual cuts now, it will become more difficult and more expensive to make bigger cuts a few years down the line.

[3] More information about Early Day Motion 178 can be found at:

[4] Photos of the poll are available at:

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