Brompton bikers in sync for Bike Week


Photo Opportunity :Performers will be available for photographs between 1:30 and 2:30pm.

On Saturday 16th June, between midday and 3pm in St Ann’s Square, volunteers from GMCC and Manchester FoE will perform a synchronised folding bike extravaganza. Dressed in suits and bowler hats, they will create a fun and creative display, whilst highlighting some issues that cyclists face. Their display takes place as part of the City Council’s Bike Week event and consists of three performances, the first taking place at 13:30 hours.

Each performance has three acts:

ACT 1. There will be a choreographed performance to music, combining the elegance of ballet with the precision engineering of the folding bike.

ACT 2. The ‘Obstacle Race’, in which everyone with a folding bike can take part. The obstacles will symbolise the challenges of making our roads more cycle friendly, including red tape, an obstructive white paper and two goal posts being moved by faceless bureaucrats.

ACT 3. ‘Musical Train Seats’, another event for everyone, will entail participants acting as commuters in a crowded train carriage. Thanks to Government underinvestment in the railways, each round will see one less chair, until the winning commuter is declared.

Rob Raikes, Secretary of GMCC and one of the performers, hopes that people will enjoy the display, whilst appreciating its message:

‘Cycling is fun and we know that many more people want to be able to get round Manchester on a bike. But we know that there are many obstacles we must surmount before we get a transport system from which everyone can benefit. We support the council in its efforts to promote cycling during Bike Week but it must do much much more to make cycling accessible to all, especially if it really wants to become Britain’s Greenest City.’

For more information please contact: Graeme Sherriff, Manchester FoE.