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The Big Ask at Urbis

On Saturday 13th October, campaigners from Manchester Friends of the Earth dressed in diving gear came to Exchange Square with a partially submerged model of Urbis to symbolise the potentially devastating consequences of climate change.

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We got coverage from Channel M and the Manchester Evening News, and Manchester Central MP, Tony Lloyd, joined us to express his support for a strong Climate Change Bill.

The Bill will be debated in Parliament later this year, and we are asking for three key amendments to ensure that the UK does its fair share to avoid dangerous climate change – the Bill must:

set a long-term emission reduction target in line with the latest science of at least 80 per cent by 2050;

count emissions from all sources, including international aviation and shipping;

include annual targets so politicians can’t blame previous Governments for missed targets.

To find out more, and to send a video message to your MP, visit The Big Ask website at

Media Coverage

Article: ‘City facing flood fear’ (Manchester Evening News, 15 Oct 2007, web link)
Article: Climate change action needed (Manchester Evening News, 14 Oct 2007, web link)


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