Commuters Demand that "Cycling Matters"


Photos of the action are available at: Critical Commute/08-02-29criticalcommute1.jpg Critical Commute/08-02-29criticalcommute2.jpg

The morning of Friday 29th February saw “Critical Commute” participants from all over Manchester saddling up and leading the way when it comes to adopting greener and healthier lifestyles.

The commuters aim to influence the City Council’s ‘Local Development Framework’, which will set out the principles of planning in the City over the next two decades.

On the morning of the last Friday of each month, cyclists take part in a “Critical Commute” into the city centre from points throughout Greater Manchester, organised as part of the award-winning Love Your Bike campaign ( run by Manchester Friends of the Earth. The next Critical Commute ride, open to all, will be on Friday 28th March.

Critical Commute rides finish in Albert Square and this month the cyclists will hand in Manchester Friends of the Earth’s submissions on transport in response to Council consultations on the Regional Centre Transport Strategy and Local Development Framework consultations.

Manchester FoE are highlighting the environmental, health and economic benefits of cycling to the City . The campaigners are now calling on the Council to:

1. Make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists;

2. Plan housing and key services so that they are always within walking (0.5 miles) and cycling (2 miles) distance of each other;

3. As a minimum, set a target of quadrupling the share of journeys made by cycle within the City by 2012, in line with the targets set by the National Cycling Strategy.

Graeme Sherriff, Manchester FoE Transport Campaign Co-ordinator said:

“Over the coming months the Council are setting our transport priorities for the next 15-20 years. We are saying to the Council that they need to make sure that in Manchester, “Cycling Matters”. Everyone in the city who cycles is helping to reduce their risk of heart disease and at the same time cutting city congestion and pollution.”


Notes to Editors

[1] Photos from the action are available at: Critical Commute/08-02-29criticalcommute1.jpg Critical Commute/08-02-29criticalcommute2.jpg

[2] The purpose of Critical Commute is to make cycling visible to drivers and demonstrate that it’s a viable way to travel and commute, allow people who haven’t cycled recently an opportunity to cycle safely with more experienced riders and to enjoy cycling to work. It is entirely law abiding and does not attempt to stop or slow down traffic.

The Critical Commute starting points are as follows:

  • Chorlton Green (by Horse and Jockey) 8:00am
  • Withington Library 8:00am
  • Prestwich, Bury New Road (outside Pizza Express, junction of Scholes Lane/Hilton Lane) 8:00am
  • Levenshulme Station 8.00am

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