It's Official: Manchester Says 'Love Your Bike'


Photo Opportunity: “Manchester Says Love Your Bike”: On Friday 28th March at 8.30am at the Albert Square entrance of Manchester Town Hall, ‘Critical Commute’ cyclists will show support for Manchester’s bid to become the Cycling Demonstration City [1].

On Friday 28th March cyclists from all over Greater Manchester will take part in a ‘Critical Commute’ ride and will cycle into the City Centre to show support for Manchester’s bid to become a Cycling Demonstration City [2].

On the two-year anniversary of the awarding-winning Love Your Bike campaign, run by Manchester Friends of the Earth, (, the cyclists will be supporting the bid because it has the potential to attract significant funding from Cycling England to help Manchester:

  • Aim for a 100% increase in cycle trips on the key targeted cycle routes into the regional centre between 2008-2011.
  • Develop a network of 15 radial cycle routes and 1 orbital city route.
  • Implement 20 mph zones around all Manchester schools.
  • Achieve improvements in the health of people who work, study and live in the Manchester region.

“There are major opportunities for achieving large health gains for the European population by increasing levels of routine physical activity. Walking and cycling as a means of daily transport can be a most effective strategy to achieve those gains.” – World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe.

As well as promoting the health benefits of cycling, Manchester FoE are also highlighting that improving cycle facilities and increasing the number of journeys made by bicycle is essential if Manchester wants to achieve its ambition to become a Low Carbon City and achieve Green City status.

Two of the key National Indicators in the Manchester Local Area Agreement state that: “Manchester’s ambition to be a Green City will not be achieved unless we adapt to climate change effectively” and “without a reduction in CO2 (and other greenhouse gas) emissions.” [4]. To meet these targets – Manchester clearly needs to say “Love Your Bike”.

Graeme Sherriff, Manchester FoE Transport Campaign Co-ordinator said:

“We support the Cycling Demonstration Bid. Manchester needs a step-change in cycling. We want Manchester to take the lead in demonstrating what it means to be a truly cycling-friendly city. Through the Love Your Bike campaign, we have challenged Manchester City Council to become more cycling-friendly and we will continue to campaign with ambition and imagination for the cycling facilities that the people of Manchester deserve.”

The Manchester City Council bid has drawn from the experiences of people cycling in Manchester gathered through the award-winning website


Notes to Editors

For more details of the Cycling Demonstration City bid please contact Mark Stevenson, Manchester City Council Cycling Team, Tel: 0161 455 2232.

[1] Photo opportunity: 8.30am at Albert Square. All rides should arrive at Albert Square / Town Hall at 8.30am. Cyclists will be holding up individual “letters” to spell out “Manchester Says Love Your Bike”.

[2] Cycling England “The search is on for one cycling city and ten new cycling towns.”

[3] The purpose of Critical Commute is to make cycling visible to drivers and demonstrate that it’s a viable way to travel and commute, allow people who haven’t cycled recently an opportunity to cycle safely with more experienced riders and to enjoy cycling to work. It is entirely law abiding and does not attempt to stop or slow down traffic.

The Critical Commute starting points are as follows:

  • Chorlton Green (by Horse and Jockey) 8:00am
  • Withington Library 8:00am
  • Prestwich, Bury New Road (outside Pizza Express, junction of Scholes Lane/Hilton Lane) 8:00am
  • Levenshulme Station 8.00am

For more information see:

[4] National Indicators: 186 Per capita CO2 emissions in the LA area and 188 Adapting to Climate change.

[5] Manchester Friends of the Earth is an award-winning environmental campaign group, raising awareness and lobbying for policy changes at a local, regional, national and international level. The group consists entirely of volunteers, and its campaigns are funded by membership fees and individual donations.  Up-to-date information is available on the groups website: Manchester Friends of the Earth is a Licensed Local Group of Friends of the Earth, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.