Give the Bike a Try: Led Rides on Car-free Day


Tuesday 22nd September is ‘In Town Without My Car Day’ and Manchester Friends of the Earth are organising special ‘Bike Tuesday’ cycle rides for people who would like to give their cars the day off and experience the benefits of cycling to work. This is in addition to their regular monthly ‘Bike Friday’ rides.

The four special ‘Bike Tuesday’ cycle rides start at 8am from Chorlton Library, Levenshulme Station, Prestwich Pizza Express, and Withington Library and will cycle to Corporation Street, City Centre. All participants will be rewarded with free hot drinks and pastries at the end point of the rides, Exchange Square.

Graeme Sherriff, from Manchester Friends of the Earth said:

As part of In Town Without My Car day, we are encouraging people to give their cars the day off. Try cycling to work – it is a fantastic way to improve your health and save money. People can incorporate exercise into their routines by cycling for 15-30 minutes (2 – 5 miles) to and from work or study every day instead of taking the car.”[1]

Bike Friday volunteers will also be helping with the ‘Car-Free Games’ events on Corporation Street between 11am and 3pm. [2] These include:

  • adult confidence cycle training to start, till 3pm
  • bike customisation workshop in Marquee

  • slowest bike over the line (a test of balance!)

  • Dr Bike (get your bike a check up)

  • free information about cycling including maps and the Pocket Guide to Cycling

Bike Friday combines a range of cycle rides into the City Centre from various locations as well as working with companies and local authorities in Greater Manchester to promote cycling, improve cycle facilities and to encourage more people to continue cycling to school, work and for leisure all year round. [3]


Graeme Sherriff, Manchester FoE Mobile: 07948 405071.

Pete Abel, Manchester FoE Mobile: 07951 642858


Notes to Editors:

[1] Over 50% of the car journeys in Greater Manchester are less than 5 miles and cycling can often be quicker and is certainly cheaper and healthier than driving. Cycling can help people:

Lose pounds: 30 minutes of cycling 5 times a week will burn off the equivalent of 11 kg of fat per year

Reduce your risk of heart attack. Physical activity reduces the risk of developing major chronic diseases (e.g. coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes) by up to 50%, and the risk of premature death by about 20-30%

Reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution

[2] More details on the Manchester-Salford Car-Free Games event organised by Manchester and Salford Council’s available from: 0161 953 2733.

[3] For details of the routes see: or join the Bike Friday Facebook group

The Bike Friday cycle rides take place on the morning of the last Friday of every month (except December). The rides go a moderate pace, have experienced ride leaders, are entirely law-abiding and can help people develop more confidence in their cycling abilities.

[4] Bike Friday is part of the Love Your Bike Campaign.